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i've found peace in the darkness

behind all the books on the shelf

i guess i'm just dust

what if i could float away into nothing

be bound no more maybe become something

but it costs too much

maybe tomorrow

maybe tomorrow i'll settle

maybe tomorrow will be better

maybe tomorrow won't be so scattered

maybe tomorrow maybe tomorrow



this growing has felt like a life in itself

watered with failures and tears all too well

although all i see is as dark as within

and the pressure around has been wearing me thin

i think it's getting warmer

i think i feel the sun now

what if i'm the kind where my petals will always droop

what if i don't know if i'll even see that through

what if forever i'm only this tall

could anything i ever do mean something at all

but i know it's getting brighter

i can see the sun now

i'm standing small barely alive

but if i had it again i'd still choose life



when i wander away from your peace

when i feel like i’ve gone too far

and there’s no returning

you leave your ninety nine to come after me

when i feel the weight of all i’ve done

and i hide away ashamed of what i’ve become

you say child all i have is love

no need to run

when i feel the pain of my whole world

all the sickness and sadness 

the brokeness i’ve learned

you say you are still good

completely unreserved


your love is chasing me down


i’m not lost i’m found

hallelujah love has found my heart

hallelujah love has won my heart


your love it chases me down

until i'm found

that's a sure thing



it’s been way too long since i’ve felt the warmth of you

in your presence my soul longs to be consumed


deep is your intimacy

deep is your love for me

sweet is your intimacy 

how sweet is your love for me



if i could walk across the sea

and it led straight to you

i cannot say what i would do

if i could leave this place tomorrow

and see the light

i cannot say i’d put up much of a fight


save me

cause i’ve been walking on this road too long

and i have to say that i’m not that strong

it takes courage to live and

it’s hard to breathe and i’m weak

so save me



i lay here and i’m surrounded by dirt

i cry here and wonder why i’m the one to hurt

do i really want to stay here

where despair is my best friend

do i really want to be alone

do i want all of this to end

i’ll tell you one thing i want to be loved

is this a garden or a grave

well this is my grave and i’m alone

i lay here and i’m surrounded by dirt

i grow here the way it’s meant to be 

the way it was first

is this love never ending

will this hope not disappoint

is this peace unexplainable

is this joy not from this earth

i’ll tell you one thing i am loved

is this a garden or a grave

this is my garden and i’m at home



another day of fallen ways behind me

it seems the same all this pain makes me predictable 

though i’ve prayed that i’ll change

honestly it’s laughable

the way i’ve stayed in this place

as if it’s comfortable

i’ve been trying my very best or so i thought

i’m still a mess


i’m sick of nights where all my time is spent inside my mind


oscillating between anxiety and suicide 

so i got to find another stride besides my own

cause first i push my friends away

and then i feel alone

i’ve been trying my very best

but from the looks of it

i’m not sure if i’m made for this



wanting so bad just to hide 

then people might not see the apathy

that’s on the inside

maybe i’ve lied too many times (said i’m fine)

maybe this smile’s been fake the whole time

getting high to hide the tells (it’s not enough)

then people might not see the mess

that i am within myself

trying so hard to forget

but trying’s shit to erase these fucking stills burned in my head

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